All Coach Check registered sports coaches
meet the following stringent criteria

  • Police Check

    All coaches are required to submit a valid National Police Check. This ensures that your sports coach selected by you does not have a criminal record.

  • Working With Children Check

    To display the Coach Check seal, coaches must have a valid working with children check. If your sports coach does not hold a working with children check, they could be subject to the Sex Offenders Registration Act 2004 or Serious Sex Offenders Monitoring Act 2005

  • Education

    We verify your coach has the relevant qualifications and skills required to perform their chosen sport or martial arts discipline. Without the correct qualifications, it is impossible to know whether your sports coach has the appropriate skills to be coaching you in your chosen discipline.

  • Happy Clients

    We browse and verify testimonials from clients and references for each coach. Outstanding professional sports coaches can't help but create good outcomes for their clients - and if they don't have that - can you really trust them?

Safety And Trust Throughout The Sports Community

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"There is nothing more daunting than sending your kids into a new club; not knowing who will be coaching your children. I want to know as a parent that my children are in safe hands. Coach check runs a thorough check to ensure your children are being trained by qualified instructors, in a safe environment with an additional layer of protection as all instructors are police checked. I recommend and encourage all parents to make sure they coach check their coaches."

Shannyn Stevens, Concerned parent

"Coach Check is the most critical step in selecting the right coach or instructor for your child. Finally, there is a system that is able to verify the credentials of coaches as “fit and proper” to teach others in martial arts. Parents and the general public can rest assured that their coaches have ticked all the right boxes when it comes to police checks, qualifications and experience. "

Tino Ceberano, 9th Dan Goju Karate and Senior Pioneer of Karate in Australia

"The most important consideration for any parent is safety of your child! Knowing that my child is enrolled in a martial arts program where all coaches are required to undergo Coach Check registration is reassuring to say the least. I am truly grateful for this initiative and urge all parents to ensure their children’s coaches have undergone the “Coach Check” registration process."

Sasha and Elisabeth Bursac, Concerned parents

"As an MMA and BJJ coach it is important for me to present my credentials in a professional manner. Coach Check is an impartial coach verification process that requires particular credentials before you can be registered. Coach Check helped me to get my portfolio in order guiding me to be the best I can be. Coach Check is now an integral part of my personal marketing strategy."

Richie Ivory, Professional MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach