Frank McKinley

Frank McKinley

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Frank McKinley is a 6th Dan Black belt in Karate.

Shihan Frank has practiced traditional karate for 35 years. In a career that started in the 80's Shihan Frank has studied Goju Karate, Shotokan Karate and Teshinkai (Kyokushinkaikan) Karate, earning black belts in Shotokan and Teshinkai and brown belt in Goju.

As an Instructor of more than 30 years, Shihan Frank is a much valued and loved martial arts leader who always leads by example and is well known for his committment to help others achieve their personal best.

Shihan Frank believes he is a conduit providing opportunities, particularly to juniors, to make the right choices in life from a home and community perspective. He has the ability to connect with junior students who may be challenged by various internal and external issues in life. He strongly believes in allowing them to feel they are being treated and challenged equally.

Shihan Frank has a passion for allowing teenage and adult students to find their own pathway in their journey in Karate. He has a deep understanding that this journey has more significant personal outcomes for many students.

Shihan Frank has a Diploma for Sport (Coaching) Specialising in Martial Arts, Diploma of Sports (Development), Level 2 First Aid and holds a current Working With Children Check.

Shihan Frank, now retired, worked in the rural water industry for over 40 years and has vast knowledge of water storages management. In his latter years he worked in the Dam Safety Unit developing Australia's most comprehensive suite of operation and maintenance manuals for all Goulburn Murray Water dams in Victoria.

Shihan Frank has formal certificates in Water Operations, Occupational Health and Safety, Supervision, Training Needs Analysis, Assessment and Workplace Training and Contract Administration and Supervision. He has also completed courses in Fraud and Conflict Awareness, Conflict Management Awareness, Co-ordinating Occupation Violence and Aggression, Information Security in the Workplace and Privacy and Data Protection. He has also undertaken study for Applied Science and Conservation Resource Development.

Awards & Certifications

Rokudan | 2008-12-15

Work Experience

Goju karate | 2nd Kyu Grade

Shotokan Karate | Shodan Grade

Teshinkai (Kyokushinkai style) Karate | Shodan Grade

Teshinkai Karate | Nidan Grade

Teshinkai Karate | Sandan grade

Teshinkai Karate | Yondan grade

Teshinkai Karate | Godan (Shihan)

Teshinkai Karate | Rokudan

Goulburn Murray Rural Water Authority | Reservoir Manager - Project Officer Dam Safety Systems

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Bendigo, VIC, Australia

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“Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!”


Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!.

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