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John Taylor

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A name well known world-wide in martial arts circles is Kyokushin Karates’ Hanshi John Taylor! Commencing his martial arts career in 1963, John Taylor, now (Hanshi) 9th dan (one of the worlds most highly ranked Kyokushin martial artists) has forged a reputation as a strong yet fair leader to many thousands of Kyokushin Karate devotees. Shihan Taylor's reputation as a leader is one that has been forged from over 40 years of tough personal training and exemplary teaching. His methods of leadership could be described as "iron fist with a velvet glove."

Acknowledgements for his efforts have come from areas well outside the field of his art reflecting the community respect he is able to pride himself in. Acknowledgements include the 2000 Australian Sports Medal for achievement in sports and a nomination for Australian of the Year in 2004.

John Taylor's martial arts career began in Sydney in 1963 when Kyokushinkai Karate was first introduced to Australia. Graded to shodan black belt in 1966 (under the leadership of the then Kyokushinkai leader Ivan Zavetchanos). John Taylor became one of the World’s first Uchi Deshi (full time live in) students of Sosai Mas Oyama, founder of the Kyokushinkai system, and regularly trained with Sosai right up until the time of his death. John Taylor developed a deep personal and professional friendship with Sosai Oyama and remains a loyal and dedicated ambassador to the system, its philosophies and beliefs.

Awards & Certifications

9th Dan Black belt Kyokushinkai Karate | 2014-09-08

Diploma Sport Development | 2003-11-20

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment | 2003-11-05

Certificate IV in Fitness | 2003-03-04

Work Experience

Federation of Australian Karate -do Organisations (FAKO) | Founding member

Australian Kyokushin Karate Association | Chairman

Australian College of Sports Development | Trainer and Assessor

Bondi Junction Kyokushin Karate | Chief Instructor

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Bronte, NSW, Australia

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Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!.

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