Wayne (John Wayne) Parr

Wayne (John Wayne) Parr

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Specialization/s: Muay Thai,


John Wayne "The Gunslinger" Parr also known as JWP, is an Australian kickboxer and boxer, fighting out of Boonchu Gym in Gold Coast, Queensland. JWP is a highly respected muay thai coach who began his own career early in life training in taekwondo. He is a former 10-time World Champion and today he helps other fighter reach their full potential through his expert coaching that is based on real experience.
JWP along with his wife Angie are popular coaches on the Gold Coast who train the unfit to become fit, the novice to become experts and the weak to become strong. Children are also a big part of the JWP gym and many classes per week are run to help improve the confidence, and esteem of their young participants.

Awards & Certifications

Diploma Sport Coaching | 2008-06-20

10 x World Cgampion | 2020-06-20

Muay Thai and boxing record of 147 fights, with 110 wins, 56 knockouts | 2020-07-05

Work Experience

Boonchu Gym | Director

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Burleigh Heads, QLD, Australia Australia

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“Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!”


Mission: to cultivate and steward a culture of integrity and respect in the coaching industry!.

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